Vehicle History Reports

How to get a free vehicle history report?

It is possible to get a free vehicle history report. However, the information from a free vehicle history report generator is always incomplete, limited, and not always precise or genuine. This is because getting access to the federal and state databases like NADA, NHMTIS, DMV, MOT, KBB, and Edmunds requires money and a lot of work.

After these databases are obtained, they are cross-checked and organized to create valid, verified, and reliable vehicle history reports.

A free vehicle report at best may only cover 1 or 2 factors of your entire vehicle history.

Whereas by the standards of used car sales markets, 60 factors all comprehensive vehicle history report is an unspoken mandatory requirement for yielding the maximum returns on your used car sales. Our sample template of a vehicle history report arranges your data in such a way that the chances of your used vehicle sold for the highest bid maximize.

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