Vehicle History Reports

What does a “clean” vehicle history report mean?

There are numerous manufacturer plants in every city, county, state, and district across North American. The unique 17-digits VIN or vehicle identification number contains information about the location and manufacture history of every vehicle. 

Sometimes, when a vehicle is transferred from one state to another for use or sales. Its history report in the new state may be renewed according to the laws and regulations of the new state. The vehicle history report related to the old state may be hidden or misplaced, this is called a “clean vehicle history record”.

A clean history record can hide important information like mileage, open recalls, salvage, accident history, stolen reports, outstanding lien, and weather damages.

The best remedy for a clean history record is to get your VIN checked on federal and inter-state database sources like Vehicle History Reports This can give you access to a comprehensive sales and ownership history for each and every vehicle across North America.

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