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How to Read a VIN Number?

Every vehicle has a unique 17 character alphanumeric code which is known as VIN Number and sometimes also reported as chassis number or serial number.  This unique VIN number is assigned by the manufacturer of that vehicle. Every VIN character has unique information about the vehicle.

The first character represents the country where the vehicle was made.

The second character Represents the manufacturer’s name.

With the third character, you can discover the vehicle’s type or division.

The initial three digits of a VIN number are known as the World Manufacturer Identifier or WMI.

The fourth to eighth character sequence reveals a vehicle’s engine size and type, vehicle brand, model, series, and body style.

The ninth character gives you the security check digit. This single digit is used to verify the accuracy of the VIN number.

The fourth to ninth digits are known as the Vehicle Descriptor Section or VDS.

The tenth character reveals a vehicle’s model year.

The eleventh character tells you of the assembly plant where a vehicle was manufactured.

The twelfth to seventeenth character sequence represents a vehicle’s serial number. These six digits make every single vehicle in the world different from the other.

The tenth to seventeenth digits are known as the Vehicle Identification Section or VIS. 

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