Vehicle History Reports

Why not switch to CarFax instead of going with our sites?

Vehicle History Reports and CarFax use the same resources for authentication of vehicle history reports. One of the main differences is that we are charging 60% less than what CarFax charges for the identical report and for the same services.

Another point we have in favour is that our vehicle history reports never expire and are yours to keep. You can always access the vehicle report using the digital link provided on my reports page. Carfax reports expire after a period of 30 days, requiring you to make an additional purchase if you wanted to access the data again. 

Vehicle History Reports also gives its user options of sending reports via email and/or receiving an official copy of the vehicle report shipped to your mailing address. When requesting a copy of the report, a bill of sale form is included for all customers in order to conduct a safe transaction.

We also give a 50% discount to all our clients for all future purchases on reports. We have special offers as well.

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