Vehicle History Reports

Is my vehicle history report legit?

It is normal for a vehicle owner and a new used car seller to doubt their existing vehicle history report.


To find out if your vehicle history report is legitimate or not you can check the below-mentioned points to see if your current vehicle history report does or does not have this vital information.


It is to be noted that a comprehensive vehicle history report employs more than 60 verification factors for authentication of each and every vehicle. Some of the most important factors are listed as under:


1.    Outstanding lien and loan records.

2.    Open recalls.

3.    Weather damages.

4.    Accident history.

5.    Theft/stolen history.

6.    Transfer of state.

7.    Clean vehicle history.

8.    Arson/ fire damages.

9.    Regular repair and maintenance records.

10.  Accessories and upgrades records.

11.  Past ownership history.

12.  Flood/water damage records.

13.  Salvage, junked, or total loss records.

14.  Police compound and repossession records.

15.  Auctions and previous sales history.

16.  Insurance and warranty claim.

17.  Title brands.

18.  Odometer, mileage verification.

19.  Original documents verification.


If your vehicle has one or more counts of the above-mentioned factors. Don’t worry, simply visit Vehicle History Reports and consult with our 24/7 online customer support agents, to get a quick, comprehensive, valid, bonafide, and hassle-free vehicle history report today!

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