Vehicle History Reports

Where does the data come from on a vehicle report?

Learn more about our sources and data provided on our vehicle history reports.



State Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV)

Identify important issues like title problems, accidents, or potential fraud that may help you uncover problems.

  • Branded titles, including salvage/junk, flood, hail, storm, fire damage and more

  • Manufacturer buybacks or lemon titles

  • Odometer rollback or not actual miles

  • City and state of previous registration, number of owners

  • Accidents and damage reports, stolen vehicles

  • Rental, taxi, lease, or government use

  • Lien information, ownership transfers

Auto Auctions

Find a reliable vehicle that has been through the auction inspection process.

  • Low odometer readings

  • Structural or frame damage

  • Photos of the vehicle from auction

  • Complete auction history

Collision repair shops

Understand if a vehicle was in one or more accidents.

  • Collision repair history

  • Structural or frame damage

Service and maintenance facilities

Know when a vehicle was serviced and what was serviced or repaired.

  • Service, repair, and maintenance performed

  • Odometer readings

  • Service, repair, and maintenance dates and locations

Insurance companies

Identify hidden problems not reported to the state DMV.

  • Total loss and reason for the loss

  • Stolen vehicles


Get insights right from the OEM.

  • Open recalls

  • Certified pre-owned vehicles

  • Courtesy buybacks

    1. User Manuals / Guides

Car dealerships and extended warranty companies

Know when the vehicle was offered for sale.

  • Vehicle's geographic location

  • Odometer readings

  • Repair and maintenance history

Vehicle inspection and state inspection states

See if the vehicle passed emissions and safety testing.

  • Odometer readings

  • Location of the inspection site

  • Emissions records

  • Safety inspection factors

Rental and fleet companies

Understand if a vehicle was used by a rental company or as a fleet vehicle.

  • Total loss and damage history

  • Maintenance/service history

Import/export companies

Get a view into a car’s movements.

  • Vehicle transfers and locations

Law enforcement agencies

Identify significant events affecting the vehicle’s value.

  • Stolen vehicle records and theft recovery

  • Accident reports

Salvage auctions

Discover if the car is salvaged, but was not titled as salvage by the DMV.

  • Salvaged

  • Junked or Recycled

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