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How to Decode a BMW VIN Number?

It is very easy to decode a BMW VIN number on our BMW VIN Decoder tool. In the initial step find the VIN number, you can find the VIN number at various positions of your BMW or its documents. Once you find the 17  character alphanumeric code, simply enter this code in our unique VIN Decoder BMW tool. You will find a detailed vehicle history of your BMW with additional information that is not included in the other history reports such as the Carfax VIN report.

You may be wondering what the benefits of a Premium VIN report over a Carfax report are. There are several reasons which are highlighted below.

  •  Carfax charges $39.99 for one vehicle report. We charge $25.00. 

  • Carfax vehicle history reports are valid for only 30 days then expire leaving you to purchase the report again. Our reports never expire.

  • No Auction photos available or offered. We offer auction photos on many of our reports.

  • Our vehicle history report reveals market value based on mileage to learn how much the vehicle is worth. Detailed analysis such as best times to buy or sell, similar car comparisons, projected depreciation, recalls, and more.

  • Detailed vehicle specifications include features and options that came with the vehicle.

  • We give a 50% discount to all our clients for all future purchases on reports. We also have special offers. 

To learn more about VIN number and BMW VIN Decoder visit our website Premium VIN.

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